SOCS 350N Week 7; Quiz # 4 → Spring 2017

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SOCS 350N Week 7; Quiz # 4


Forming strategies to deal with diversity issues can be a tricky business. The popular approach today is political correctness, which unfortunately, is often neither political nor correct. This is not to say that it is acceptable to behave or speak in a disrespectful manner to or about other persons, or to tolerate overt discrimination against others. What it does mean is that we should be focusing on the underlying power associated with these terms, attitudes, and behaviors. An example is the current view of the use of the n-word. It is considered so demeaning and insulting that it cannot even be spoken aloud, yet everyone knows exactly what the n-word is. The point is that it isn't the word, but rather the cultural understandings and reactions that are conjured up by the single letter n..…………………………Continue


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→ Spring 2017

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