SOCS 350N Week 3; Quiz # 2 → Spring 2017

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SOCS 350N Week 3; Quiz # 2

In our previous lecture, we talked about the concept of ethnocentrism – the belief that one's culture is superior to all others. What we didn't talk about was what culture is. It is one of those simple but sometimes confusing concepts. We will talk this week about what culture is and is not, why there are so many different cultures, and how to develop an understanding that culture does not have any one correct form. A good formal definition of culture is the sum total of a society's norms, values, beliefs, knowledge, language, and material objects; as a result, everything we do, think, believe, and know is understood through a cultural lens. Because it is a shared understanding with most of the people with whom we interact, we come to assume that our culture either is or should be universal. It becomes difficult to understand or accept that any other cultural views are as valid as ours. There really is nothing wrong with this. Ethnocentrism is powerful social glue that, along with other integrating forces, such as nationalism and patriotism, is what holds a society together and gives it form, substance, and flavor.………………………………………………………Continue


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