SOCS 350N Week 3 Discussion Question 1 & 2 → Spring 2017

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Take A Walk.

Let's start this discussion by sharing public observations. Spend time either walking around or sitting and watching people in a very busy public place. Look for things that you associate with people from race/ethnic, cultural, gender, and social-class backgrounds that are diFerent from your own. Look for the kinds of common interactions or behaviors between diFerent groups and those like your own. ±or example, do they acknowledge the other's presence if eye contact happens to occur? Do any behaviors change in the presence of other groups? Consider what you expect to see based on your assumptions and understandings about persons of diFerent backgrounds (how you expect them to dress, walk, talk, interact with each other, interact with others, etc). Make note of those things that catch your attention. Pay special attention to what you don't see as well. In two to three paragraphs, share your observations with the class. Please begin your post with, "In my observation. .."



When traveling to other countries for business, it is important to know the male/female roles in each country. Not knowing these roles could cause problems in discussions and negotiations. If you were traveling to Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Brazil, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Russia, or Rwanda, what would you need to know about the traditional male/female roles? Search the Internet for one or more of the above countries to Fnd out about male/female roles. Share your Fndings with the class


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