SOCS 350N Week 1; Quiz # 1 → Spring 2017

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SOCS 350N Week 1; Quiz # 1


All societies have dominant and subordinate (also called majority and minority) groups. In all industrialized societies, these groups are arranged in layers, or strata, reflecting their relationships with one another. The dominant or majority group is at the top, and the subordinate or minority groups range below them. In most cases, this arrangement reflects numerical representation in the society, but this is not always the case. For example, the dominant group in the nation of South Africa is European-origin Whites, who represent a relatively small percentage of the total population, while the subordinate groups are the native African people and immigrants from non-African nations (such as India), who represent the numerical majority of the population. This is why we have to consider which groups dominate the society's major social institutions, rather than which have the most members, when thinking about diversity.


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