MATH 114N Week 1 Discussion; Exploring Factors (graded)

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Exploring Factors (graded)

  1. Let's look more closely at the greatest common factor (GCF) of a problem. Apply your knowledge of GCFs (13.1) to simplify a problem presented by a classmate. You will need to factor the problem and post your simplified expression. Then, post another example for someone else to simplify. I will start the discussion with this expression.
  2. Simplify: 56x7 + 21x4 + 63x3
  3. I am looking forward to seeing your problem and simplified expressions. Don't forget to check that your classmate answered correctly.
  4. Each time you post, you should post a solution and a new problem for a classmate to solve. This keeps the discussion fresh and provides you with many solutions on the week's topics. Use these as references if you are stuck on a topic. Please don't everyone answer my original problem (this will get really boring!), but look at the bottom of the discussion for the latest one posted by a classmate and respond to it. Try this one or the original one to start you off and let's work from there. Remember, no repeats!





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