MATH 399N Week 4 Lab (Assignment Solution - Version 2): → Spring 2017

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MATH399 Statistics

Week 4 Lab


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Statistical Concepts:

  1. Probability
  2. Binomial Probability Distribution


Calculating Binomial Probabilities


  1. Open a new Excel worksheet.


  1. Open spreadsheet
  2. In cell A1 type “success” as the label
  3. Under that in column A, type 0 through 10 (these will be in rows 2 through 12)
  4. In cell B1, type “one fourth”
  5. In cell B2, type “=BINOM.DIST(A2,10,0.25,FALSE)”  [NOTE: if you have Excel 2007, then the formula is BINOMDIST without the period]
  6. Then copy and paste this formula in cells B3 through B12
  7. In cell C1, type “one half”
  8. In cell C2, type “=BINOM.DIST(A2,10,0.5,FALSE)”
  9. Copy and paste this formula in cells C3 through C12
  10. In cell D1 type “three fourths”
  11. In cell D2, type “=BINOM.DIST(A2,10,0.75,FALSE)”
  12. Copy and paste this formula in cells D3 through D12


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