BIOS 256 Final Exam (Essays Q&A)

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BIOS 256 Final Exam answers for the "Essay Questions" highlighted below:                               

A.    Question: Explain the differences/similarities between the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system.

B.    Question: Explain how speech works – outline the major speech areas, what they do, and where they are located.

C.    Question: Differentiate between the general and special senses – provide two examples of general senses and two examples of special senses – describe where these senses are found in the body and their functional significance.

D.    Question: Explain the control of estrogen and progesterone through the endocrine system.

E.     Question: Explain the process of calcium regulation in the human body including using the concepts of homeostasis and negative feedback.

F.     Question: How is sugar regulated in the body (include both up and down regulation in the blood stream?

G.    Question: Discriminate between paracrine, autocrine, endocrine and exocrine secretions.

H.    Question:  List and describe the major hormones secreted from the anterior pituitary (include the target organ/tissue, functions and one possible problem associated with its dysregulation).  

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